With an array of utility companies, clients can often feel overwhelmed, but here at New Build Innovations we exceed expectations by eradicating the necessity to instruct numerous companies, as we offer comprehensive solutions for supplying utilities operating as a ‘one stop shop’ for gas, water, electricity and telecoms.


We work closely with the principle contractor and client to ensure you receive an efficient and inclusive multi utility installation service. All of our operatives are SHEA and NCO accredited, and our company is listed on the EUSR.

We can undertake the installation of the following domestic, commercial and industrial services:


  • Comprehensive underground services and ground condition surveys including complex trial

  • excavations

  • Fibre Optic Installations

  • Cable Pulling

  • Blown fibre installation including ‘last mile’ connections

  • Civil engineering duct work and cabinet installation

  • Cabling, splicing, terminating and testing of distribution networks, using both single and multi-mode technologies

  • Maintenance and renewal of telegraph pole networks

  • FTTP services



  • Installation of gas mains and services on new residential and commercial developments

  • throughout the UK

  • Fault response and maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Underground cable laying, including excavation and reinstatement activities

  • Cable jointing

  • Overhead line installation and maintenance

  • Distribution substation and switchgear installation, replacement and maintenance

  • New connections to domestic, street lighting, industrial and commercial clients

Please contact us today to determine how NBI can assist you and your project, and obtain a tailored quotation from us regarding our competitive fees to meet your needs. 

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