This Policy encompasses our approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility. It should be read in conjunction with New Build Innovations’ vision and values, 2020 Sustainability Vision and supporting policies in relation to social, environmental and economic issues.

Where possible, we endeavour to apply the principles of sustainability throughout our business. We are committed to continual improvement and to the delivery of more sustainable construction and business processes and practices in those areas where we have direct control, or the ability to influence others. Our sustainability strategy covers four key areas:


  • Provide a great place to work for our employees including offering learning and development opportunities

    and promoting equality and diversity

  • Conduct our business activities to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all stakeholders affected by our activities


  • Work with our customers to exceed their expectations

  • Achieve sustainable growth by focusing on key accounts and frameworks


  • Invest in communities local to our project sites and offices

  • Support global communities via a variety of partnerships across our international locations


  • Reduce our waste and increase diversion of waste from landfill

  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and report to stakeholders via CDP’s climate change programme

  • Protect our planet, including minimising pollution from our operations

To support our sustainability aims we will be open and transparent and commit to reporting our performance.

We will ensure that the latest version of this policy is made available on New Build Innovations’ website, in order that it can be openly viewed by interested parties, as appropriate.

Overall responsibility for ensuring adherence to this policy rests with the company’s Managing Director. For and on behalf of New Build Innovations Ltd


Courtney Smith Managing Director


Date: March 2018