We are committed to the continuous improvement of quality across all areas of New Build Innovations Ltd’s operations, and to remain at the forefront of implementing best practice initiatives within our business and management systems.

To implement this policy and to achieve our quality objectives we have developed processes and procedures that are contained within our management systems. In the UK in which New Build Innovations currently operates, these processes and procedures comply with the requirements of ISO9001; compliance with this standard is mandatory for all such employees and New Build Innovations’ business partners.

We are also endeavouring to gradually introduce such standards throughout our global business.

This will ensure that:

  • We fully understand all applicable requirements of our customers and interested parties and are committed to satisfying their needs

  • We will establish quality objectives which will be regularly monitored and reviewed to benchmark their effectiveness

  • Our policy and management systems are regularly reviewed for continuing suitability and effectiveness, to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’ in the context of our business and the strategic plans they are helping to deliver

As part of our commitment to ISO 9001 Management Systems, we will ensure that the latest version of this policy is made available on New Build Innovations’ website, in order that it can be openly viewed by interested parties as appropriate.

Overall responsibility for ensuring adherence to this policy rests with NBI’s Managing Director.

For and on behalf of New Build Innovations Ltd


Courtney Smith 
 Managing Director


Date: March 2018