New Build Innovations Ltd are a domestic and commercial general building & renovation company operating throughout the United Kingdom.

1. Statement of General Policy

This is the statement of general policy & arrangements for New Build Innovations Limited.

The company is committed to:
• Providing a safe place of work
• Providing safe systems of work
• Providing training, instruction & supervision
• Provide & maintain safe plant and equipment
• Assess the risks to anyone who might be affected by undertaking work activities • Ensure materials and substances are safely stored, handled & transported
• Work to prevent accidents

2. Responsibilities

The main contractor has overall and final responsibility for the health and safety on each site, and must ensure on a day to day basis this is implemented and the policy put into practice on site.

Supervisors & Managers employed by the main contractor of each site must always provide adequate supervision to ensure the safe systems of work are being followed. This can be verified at the Toolbox Talks.

Employees & subcontractors have a responsibility to take care of the health & safety of themselves and those around them, to follow safe systems of work and report any concerns to supervisors & managers from the main contractor.

3. Arrangements

3.1 All staff and subcontractors alike will undertake a health & safety induction and provided with appropriate training, including manual handling, asbestos awareness and working at heights from the main contractor of the site.

Supervisors and managers are responsible for identifying training needs.
The manager & main contractor are responsible for keeping a record of all training.


3.2 Undertaking Risk Assessments

A written risk assessment will be carried out by the supervisor of the main contractor for all work activity, prior to it commencing. Hazards will be identified and control measures implemented to eliminate risk, or reduce to an acceptable level and copies of the risk assessments undertaken will be provided to all operatives for their information.

3.3 First Aid

Adequate first aid provisions will be available on all sites and made so by the main contractor. All first aid incidents will be recorded.

3.4 Welfare Facilities

Management of the main contractor of each site will ensure there are adequate welfare facilities on all sites.

3.5 Accident Reporting

All employees & subcontractors will report accidents to their supervisor/manager. The person appointed by the main contractor is responsible for investigating accidents to prevent reoccurrence and ensure safe work practices are being undertaken.

All accidents will be recorded in the accident book which is kept by the management of the main contractor and whose location will be identified at each Toolbox Talk.

3.6 Emergency Procedures

The main contractor is responsible for carrying out fire risk assessments.

Escape routes will be well signed and kept clear at all times. Evacuation plans will be tested periodically and updated when necessary.

3.7 Communication/Consultation with Staff

There will be active open communication and consultation between all our people, the sub- contractors and stakeholders. Health and safety will be integrated into our communications, wherever appropriate.

3.8 Review and Audit

This policy has immediate effect and replaces all previous versions.This policy will be reviewed, audited and amended, as necessary.

3.9 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Provision

Management and supervisory staff will ensure that suitable and adequate quantities of PPE are available at all workplaces and used appropriately.

PPE will be maintained and stored correctly, records of issue will be kept by the appointed person after an adequate risk assessment has be carried out to ensure the issued items are adequate for the task and that no other preventative measure can be taken to further reduce the risk.

Where required, adequate PPE to approved standards will be provided, free of charge, to all personnel working or visiting Company sites.

All management, supervisory staff, employees, contractors and visitors shall wear appropriate PPE whilst on Company sites, including safety helmets, high visibility jackets/ waistcoats, safety footwear and other PPE as directed.

This Health & Safety Policy was prepared and written by:
Name: Courtney Smith
Position: Managing Director & Health and Safety Appointed Representative