1. Statement

New Build Innovations Ltd is committed to achieving equality of opportunity, social inclusion and parity of esteem firmly in all areas of our work. We have much to learn and profit from diverse cultures and perspectives and we believe that this commitment will make our organisation more effective in meeting the needs of all our customers.

The Company seeks to attract a workforce that reflects the diverse community at large because we value and respect the individual contributions of all people. There is a responsibility on all employees and associates to treat each other with dignity and respect. We aim to develop, promote and deliver our services, information and employment opportunities without discrimination on the basis of a person’s race, disability, age, gender, religion, sexuality or any other aspect of an individual’s background or heritage which is used as a justification for unfair treatment.

The Company will take positive action to provide equality of access and parity of esteem for all who work here. No employee or associate should be disadvantaged or treated less favourably because of conditions or requirements that cannot be justified. The Company will seek to make reasonable adjustments to its arrangements with a view to avoiding substantial disadvantage for any group of people.

NBI operate zero tolerance of discrimination or harassment of any kind.

We will seek to provide a learning and working environment that is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment or victimisation. We will not tolerate any form of behaviour that discriminates, without proper justification, on the grounds of such factors as gender, marital status, family responsibility, sexuality, race, nationality, skin colour, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, social class, medical conditions, disability, trade union membership or activity, age, and unrelated criminal convictions.

The Company will take positive action to remove barriers to achievement and will seek to ensure that no- one in its employment is disadvantaged from being able to realise their full potential. For employees and associates, we will take steps to identify, address, eliminate or minimise any unnecessary or artificial regulations, requirements or conditions that cannot be shown to be directly relevant to maximising an individual’s performance.

2. Meeting our Commitment

New Build Innovations Ltd has a commitment to be an organisation that positively recognises equality and diversity through:

  • Developing services to achieve equality and diversity in all our activities

  • Understanding how valuing diversity can improve our ability to deliver better services

  • Actively consulting with different individuals and communities to ensure that services which are

    provided are responsive and reflect the diversity of need

  • Providing all employees with the training and development they need to enable them to achieve

    organisational goals

  • Providing a supportive, open environment where all employees have the opportunity to reach

    their full potential

  • Listening to our customers and involving them in the development of services that recognise and

    values diversity

  • Believing that both customers and employees have important parts to play in making this happen

  • Making clear our commitment by aiming to ensure our Equality and Diversity Policy is fairly and consistently applied across the organisation, as an integral part of the service we provide

  • Ensuring equality of opportunity by replacing practices, procedures and customs in all areas of the organisation that are identified as being directly or indirectly unfair and discriminating

  • Ensuring appropriate representative participation in advisory, consultative and managerial processes connected to this policy

  • Adopting and monitoring policies and procedures to provide equality of opportunity in the recruitment, selection and promotion of staff

  • Providing a suitable environment to accommodate the diverse needs of our people and customers

  • Recognising our legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and raising staff awareness through ongoing training and updates

  • Establishing agreed grievance and disciplinary procedures to protect staff and associates from discriminatory behaviour based on racist, sexist and other prejudiced attitudes

  • Publishing and making known to staff and associates the process through which a complaint will be dealt with

  • Providing adequate and effective support services for staff and associates including staff development and training for all aimed at encouraging equality of opportunity for progression

  • Reviewing this policy annually to ensure it is effective and up to date with current legislation

3. Responsibilities

Every member of staff is responsible for embedding a culture that welcomes diversity and one that challenges and deals with unfairness and discrimination.

While recognising that it is the responsibility of all employees of New Build Innovations to accept their personal involvement in the practical application of this policy, it is necessary to designate responsibilities for the specific implementation.

The overall responsibility for monitoring the effectiveness of this policy and for implementing an ongoing programme of action to make it fully operational is vested in the Directors of the company.

The Directors are responsible for ensuring that:

  • Appropriate systems and resources are in place to ensure the operational effectiveness of this policy and the company’s statutory duties within it

  • The policy is executed

  • All staff are aware of their statutory duties and the policy in relation to issues of equality and


  • The policy and the statutory duties subsumed within it are fully adhered to and properly carried

    out by themselves and by all staff and associates


All staff are responsible for:

  • Receiving and reading the company’s Equality and Diversity Policy, and for seeking advice and assistance if their understanding is unclear or interpretation uncertain

  • Adhering to the policy at all times

  • Challenging incidents of prejudice, discrimination or harassment whenever and wherever


  • Bringing to the attention of management, any procedures, practices, services or facilities that

    limit equality of opportunity or access


Review and Consultation

Implementation of this policy will be reviewed annually by the Directors. As part of the review, the Directors will seek and take into account the views of interested parties including staff, associates and clients.

For and on behalf of New Build Innovations Ltd:


Courtney Smith Managing Director

Date: March 2018